N6121 E River Road
Brillion, WI 54110


1 Load / 80 Angus Holstein Heifer Calves / Base weighed at 600 pounds, slide at $1.00 over or under base weight. Sold with 2% shrink.

Inforce 3 Plus Booster, Ultrabac C & D, Endovac Beef Plus Booster, Once PMH Plus Booster, Vision 7 Plus Booster, Bovi-Shield Gol
Component EC

600 pounds.
$1 over or under Base Wt.

Early morning gather, load on buyer trucks, weighed on certified truck scale. FOB. Brand Inspection and Health Papers furnished by Seller. Sold with 2% shrink.

Top 5% Terminal Index from ABS and Select Sires Angus, All Cattle 100% Single Sourced from One WI Dairy, Knife Cut Castration
Oct 1 - Oct 15, 2022
No Part Payment Due