Harmon County Dairy Facility & Farm Ground Sale

April 22, 2017 at 9:00AM

Harmon County Dairy Downloadable Info.pdf


Sale will start at 11:00 AM Central Time 

Location: 3 Miles north of Hollis, Oklahoma 

Acres: Dairy Sits on 80 Acres, 320 irrigated acres adjacent to Dairy property


Number of cows permitted: 2400 plus       Number of milking cows dairy will handle: 2200 head 

Number of stanchions in parlor (Expandable): Double 32 parallel    Milking System: Westfalia

Type:  Open Lot with Shades and Windbreaks        Data Scanners: No 

Number and size of milk tanks: 2-6000 gal 

Backup power: Cat Diesel Generator capable of running entire operation.

Number of lock-ups (Wet Cows and Dry): 2400

Free-stalls :NO     Manure separator: NO 

Replacement heifer facilities:  Facility close by.

Commodity barn and number of bays: One barn-7 bay

Type of feed (Commodities, Green-Chop, etc): corn, corn silage, sorghum silage, wheatlage, alfalfa, cottonseed, cotton burrs, sweet bran. 

Lagoon[s]: 3      Irrigation: Farmland has two center pivots, other water sources include city water and rural water. 

Animal  hospital (Hoof Trimming Chute, etc): Complete hospital facility with milking stalls and hoof trimming chute.


Houses (Main, Foreman's, Labor, etc. Bedrooms, bath, CH&A, sq footage, etc.): Foreman house. 3 BR, 2 BT, 1200 sq ft.

*All Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. 









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